Accountant, Bookkeeper or Advisor?

You are good at running your business, know how to make sales and keep your customers happy, but you need some help with the financial stuff.  What help do you need?  Here are some common support options, with definitions to help you decide.

Business Advisor / Virtual CFO

A virtual CFO is a business advisor who becomes an extension of your own team providing strategic advice, financial management resources, best practice systems, analysis, reporting and supporting the needs of your organisation on a day-to-day basis.  This is where Anakin Services can help your business.


A bookkeeper is the person who records the day to day transactions for your business.   They may visit you to do this, or complete your accounts remotely.  This service is provided by Anakin Services.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisers are people who give advice about investing and other financial services and products as part of their job or business. They include financial planners, mortgage and insurance brokers and people working for insurance companies, banks and building societies that provide advice about money, financial products and investing.  They need to be registered with the FMA.

Accountant / Chartered Accountant

An accountant may choose to provide some or all of the above services.  You will need a Chartered Accountant for your compliance needs, for example end of year tax returns, annual returns and IFRS financial statements if required.



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