Are you still handwriting your quotes?

I got a quote done recently to improve the insulation on my house. The salesman did his measurements, then got out his paper quote book (including duplicates), his pen, and his phone for a calculator. He made a mistake while writing it up and got out his whitening correction tape that I have not seen since school. Once he left me he would have needed to go back to the office and write up the details in whatever system they use to manage their work (if any).

There is a better way, and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Many small businesses are now moving to cloud based software to work smarter.  Here is now the sales process for my insulation could have gone.

  • My initial conversation was with someone on the phone who made the booking. They could have put all my details into their CRM program as a lead.
  • When the salesman turned up to see me all those details would be on his notepad. He could then add the correct job template for the type of job, enter the measurements, and generate a quote document. He could show me on the notepad and then email it to me before he left the house.

The salesman could then move on to his next appointment without needing to go back to the office.  The details are already on the system with an action to follow up.  Retire the paper, pen, calculator and correction tape and work smarter.

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